In 1890,my great grandfather, Santiago Gómez, set up a fresh fish and seafood business. Today La Astorgana, a veritable seaport in Madrid, is not only the story of four generations, initiated by the Grand Master of the Hospitality Don ÁngelGarcía Gómez, my father, and my mother, but also the story of the present future.

Don Ángel García Gómez also bought Pescaderías Coruñesas, and years later in 1975, he give to spoiled Evaristo, his little brother which he conveyed all his knowledge and that he no longer had to suffer the daily hard work in an incessant activity, with clients such as the best Hotels, Paradores and Restaurants, Don Ángel García created with tireless work, recognized with the highest National awards and prizes to work and business.